Cell Phones - Annoying Little Life Savers Or Technological Tools Put to Good Use

The cell-phone phenomenon is so vastly interesting. Some people just find them annoying, and sometimes they are but other times they can be little life savers depending on the situation. Those semi-recent commercials where the guy with glasses runs around speaking redundantly into a cell phone; "Can you hear me now?"  Became very annoying and eventually got under everyone's skin.

Despite some advertising methods with which tend to take absurd to a new dimension, we live in an amazing time. Some companies know this and some do not but the fact of the matter is mobile technology, shucks all technology effects everyone. With the internet connecting mobile devices things which were at one time considered impossible are now happening all over the world.

Now with technology being used wisely and to positive ends,  major corporations and penniless individuals can intermingle without a clash. In fact it has been this kind of technology and innovative thinking which brought the people of Bangladesh salvation.

Good news like this needs to be repeated and praised. So, recently my first read of Nicholas P. Sullivan's book; "You Can Hear Me Now How Micro-loans and Cell Phones Are Connecting The World's Poor to the Global Economy' I was forced to look at modern technology and big business with a whole new attitude.

A Micro finance institution which goes by the name Grameen Bank, for all intents and purposes was looking to eradicate poverty in using a program which involves providing cell phones to the rural poor. This resulting in a landslide of profits and opening the doors for many who have next to nothing, has in my opinion accomplished an amazing feat, as well as winning the Nobel Peace Prize for this accomplishment.

This has opened my eyes to the things that really matter to myself and many others. Putting the latest tools of technology to good use is a refreshing change and one Many would like to see continue. We can make this world a better place and it is my belief that this begins by paying attention to things like this, speaking up about it and infecting everyone and everything that you can with as much positivity as is possible.

Cell phones are a world-wide phenomenon and they are helpful in so many ways that they are now considered a valuable resource. It can be Fun, but more importantly, they have the potential to be life saving as well. Now I know I am a little late in the game to the; 'You Can Hear Me Know,' Cell phones & Grameen Bank Micro-loans phenomenon but as mentioned before good news like this is worth repeating.

What the Grameen bank accomplished is worthy of the Nobel in my opinion. Iqbal Quadir, Muhammed Yunnus and Grameen bank together achieved something to truly be proud of which goes beyond just making a profit.

One of the most important things to the world at large is without a doubt communication. People from all over the world are communicating at all times and in all places. Now more than ever due to the notorious Cell Phone. It is a very interesting phenomenon. Just consider how fast and widespread the cell phone has blanketed our world. This new found freedom of technological advance has reached all the way around the world and back again.

You can travel to a far off jungle now and see someone walking and now talking away on a small hand-held, and to not think that is pretty amazing would be a miracle. So, now Can you hear me now? Is no longer associated with that old commercial for me anymore. It still pops into mind every now and again. But instead of being annoyed, I just smile as another image washes over it. An image of people in Bangladesh villages talking on their cells.

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